Black & White Print Sale

I have a small selection of 6 prints available at a discounted price… The prints were removed from a local gallery that unfortunately had to close it’s doors, they are all in perfect condition and have been sealed in bags since they were printed.

Each print is a limited edition (50) and measures 25x25cm (10×10 inches), double mounted to 40x40cm. The prints are signed, titled, numbered and dated.


The prints available (top left to bottom right) are as follows…

Torii Gate, Japan
LaVallette Bathing Pools, Guernsey
Pier Remains, Lake Toyo, Japan
199 Steps, Whitby, UK
Scarborough Spa, UK
Reynisdrangar, Iceland

Click on images to enlarge.

The prints are available at a price of £60 (GBP) + Shipping each. If you would like the print framing I can offer either an oak or black frame for an additional £25.

Please contact me to place an order or if you need further information.

Wet Plate Cameras for Sale

My cameras are usually made to order however at present I have two cameras that are available and ready to ship.


Quarter Plate Tailboard Camera

A quarter plate camera constructed from exotic wenge hardwood and plenty of brass. The plate size is 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches (108x83mm) or with the insert removed from the holder a 5×5 inch (127x127mm) can be shot. The camera comes with the plate holder and 3 un-cut lens boards.

The lens shown is a 7″ f4.5 Darlot Petzval, this can be purchased with the camera or just the camera on it’s own.

I originally made this camera as a ‘salesman’s sample’, it was smaller than my other tailboards so a little easier to transport if I was taking multiple cameras. It is fully functional and in excellent condition.

Price £700 GBP for the camera or £1000 GBP for the camera and lens + plus shipping.


8×20 Panoramic Field Camera

This field camera takes an 8×20 inch (203x508mm) plate, the construction is from black walnut with aluminium and stainless steel fittings. The camera was designed specifically for wide angle use, the bellows extension is around 16 inches (400mm) so ideal for up to a 360mm lens.

The cameras comes with the plate holder and removable ground glass frame. I am also including a Schneider Symmar 360mm f5.6 lens which covers the plate and offers a nice angle of view, the camera takes standard Sinar sized lens boards.

This is a camera I have used but only on a couple of occasions, perhaps only 10 plates though it.

Price £1600 GBP + Shipping which also includes a fitted Peli case


While not available just yet this will be completed in the next week or so…


8×10 Tailboard Camera

I have a brand new 8×10 tailboard made from black walnut that will be available in the next couple of weeks.

The camera comes with two blank lens boards and plate holder with inserts for 8×10 and 5×7 inch plates. The price is £975 GBP + Shipping.

Please contact me for more information.

Landscape Photography of the Year 2015

I’m rather pleased to be included once again in the Landscape Photographer of the Year book (Collection 9). The selected photograph is one of my favourites taken at South Gare near Redcar, North Yorkshire. I visited this location a number of times over the last few years hoping to find the ideal conditions, on this rather sombre morning everything came together as I had envisaged. I was drawn to the contrast between the somewhat quaint fisherman’s community in the foreground and the imperious industrial backdrop of the steel works.

In the last month, rather sad news that the SSI owned Redcar Steelworks has been mothballed and now faces liquidation due to a slump in the demand for steel. Although didn’t the PM just sign a trade deal with China who have previously been accused of saturating the UK market with cheap steel, anyway I digress but it is indeed a sad time for British steel.

RPS Journal and Collodion Events

I seem to be falling behind once more with my updates so to catch up a quick post about a publication in the RPS Journal and a couple of wet plate collodion events…

RPS Journal

One of my photos from Elgol, Isle of Skye has been published along with a short interview as part of an article called ‘Britain’s Best Landscapes’ alongside work by Joe Cornish, Adam Burton, Guy Edwards and Colin Roberts. The article can be found in the August 2015 edition of the RPS Journal.


Wet Plate Collodion at Llanthony – 8th/9th August

Each year fellow wet plater Tony Richards organises an informal gathering for collodion minded individuals, the brief is usually pretty simple… a campsite, a pub and something to photograph. This years venue was at the wonderful Llanthony Priory in Wales which happened to have a pub in the crypt and a campsite not more than a couple of minutes walk away so that’s the important bits dealt with.

Theses are a few of the plates from the weekend…

8×10 Tintype

4×10 Tintype

8×10 Ambrotype

8×10 Ambrotype

Michał Drygalski put together a lovely video from the weekend…


Wet Plate Collodion at Lacock – 15th/16th August

I hardly felt I had time to unpack before it was time to pack the car again and head south to Lacock Abbey for another wet plate collodion event. This is the second year Tony and I have organised this event with the National Trust and we are already in talks for next years event.

For this trip I finally at long last took my 8×20 field camera with me, it’s been sat in a Peli Case for sometime in the studio. It was fun to use, although the panoramic plate format does add some challenges when developing the plate but was happy with the results.

8×20 Ambrotype

8×20 Ambrotype

8×20 Ambrotype

8×10 Ambrotype

New Scotland Work Added

I have just added a series of new photographs from the Scottish Highlands to the Scotland Portfolio, ok I use the term new loosely as they were actually shot at the back end of last year and I am only just got around to uploading them.

2014 – A Year’s Worth of Posts

Do you know what… 2014 was a strange year. It seems to have vanished rather swiftly and left me a bit perplexed to what on earth I did with the time. There were good times, some low, too many über stressful bits but on the whole busy would perhaps be the best description. To be honest I struggled to even remember what I did, luckily browsing my iPhone stream fills in the blanks.

It also occurred to me that I also haven’t made a single update to this blog during the course of the year, I’ll blame this on the being busy bit. So to make up for my slacking here is a year in pictures of what I have been doing, plus a bit of rambling…

The year started with a similar theme to the previous one, building wet plate cameras. I’ve had a steady demand for these cameras throughout the year and have another batch sat on the workbench at the moment waiting completion and that’s before I start working through the waiting list for this year.

After building numerous tailboard cameras I decided it was time for a change so the crazy idea was born of making a 8×20 inch panoramic camera, again for wet plate collodion. The tailboard design isn’t really that well suited to a panoramic format so a different approach was needed in the form of a field camera. The camera has a geared triple extension base and is designed for wide angle lenses for landscape use, I’ve actually changed the lens three times and now have a Schneider Symmar 360mm which covers the 8×20 format and gives a nice wide angle of view. The only problem with the camera, I tested it but have never shot anything else with it (too busy, again).

Feeling like a break was needed I headed off to Anglesey and Snowdonia in North Wales for a few days, I took a 5×7 wet plate camera with a my portable dark box etc and managed to shoot a few plates.

In addition I also took my usual digital kit with me and while not the most productive of trips I captured a few photos I was pleased with.

Back from Wales and back to the grind, well back to the saw and the wet plate world. A couple of ULF plate holders and focusing screens for local customers to add wet plate capabilities to their existing cameras. One 15 inch square and a slightly larger 18 inch square with inserts for smaller sizes. In addition to cameras and plate holders I have also been building dark boxes, plate storage boxes, contact printing frames, silver tanks, tripods and more lens boards than I can count.

I was delighted to be selected by Ilford to be part of their new venture ‘House of Ilford’. They are offering a selection of my photographs printed as silver gelatine prints in a range of sizes and framing options.

Another small amount of free time and as a break from ULF cameras I built a 1/4 plate camera (3.25 x 4.25 inch), the first camera I ever built and intro into wet plate was this size and I decided it was time to build another. The camera was made from wenge hardwood which has amazing colour and grain however it is incredibly dense and hard work to machine but in the end it came out alright.

I’ve been shooting with wet plate collodion for perhaps 3-4 years now and finally got round to making some negatives, which can be contact printed to make salt or albumen prints. This process starts off on the same lines to making a positive collodion image (ambrotype or tintype) however the plate is re-developed to increase the density. Next thing on the list to try is dry collodion negatives.

During the summer, fellow wet plater Tony Richards and I organised a collodion event at Lacock Abbey. Despite torrential rain at the start of the event we managed two days of productive shooting in ideal weather and superb surroundings, well until the rain returned just as we packing up. Based on the success of the event this is hopefully going to become a yearly event so stay tuned for more on that.

Just a week later I returned to Lacock this time to be a participant on a workshop and learn Daguerreotypes from Mike Robinson and Roger Watson. This was my first experience with the daguerreotype and a throughly enjoyable few days. In the future I aim to start making dags on my own, I picked up all the required chemicals just need time to build various pieces of equipment.

One good thing, my GAS has improved… Gear Acquisition Syndrome before you think up any other ideas ;)
After years of buying too much gear I have actually sold lots of it, at least five cameras found new homes and perhaps a dozen or so lenses have been despatched around the globe. Ok maybe I did buy a few things, such as the lovely London Stereoscopic Camera above and a couple of rather large portrait lenses.

I must have been getting greedy as I built myself yet another camera, this time a 8×10 field camera. The design is based the 8×20 I made before but a bit more manageable in 8×10 size with a wet plate back and inserts for various smaller plates. The idea behind this cameras was to create one camera for wet plate collodion that would be suitable for portraits and landscapes. It did occur part way through building it that if I built the appropriate back it could also take 8×10 film darlsides…

So that’s what I did and here it is on the banks of Loch Lommond during a well overdue escape to Scotland in November.

I did go to Scotland aiming to shoot more on 8×10 however as plenty of walking was required on rather wet ground my usually digital kit came back into play for the reminder of the trip. A week on the Isle of Skye and then another week further north in Assynt became a rather productive trip, those of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen some of the results but I will be uploading them on here later this month.

A number of prints found new homes and I have started planning a new corporate exhibition, more details soon.

The last few weeks have been a little varied, I started to realised that I need to put some of the rooms in my studio to better use and so built a 8×4 ft workbench for mounting and framing prints. I ran a couple of platinum printing workshops which were well received and with a degree of symmetry back to making plate holders and cameras.

Apart from trips to Wales and Scotland I don’t seem to have been doing much in form of landscape photography this year so I will leave you with these three photos all taken locally (ish). Halifax and a view once know as Devil’s Cauldron, Black Dyke Mills (where my studio is) and just a week ago a trip to Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast.

Well ok, this post ended up a bit longer than expected but at least I now know where the year went :)
And last but not least… I wish you a Happy New Year.

New Work Added

With the year drawing to a close and the rather inclement weather outside I thought it was the ideal time to update some of my portfolios. In the last few months I have managed a couple of productive trips north of the border photographing the Isle of Skye, Glencoe and Loch Lommond. In view of this I have now created a new Scotland Portfolio which includes this new work plus a selection of photographs from the last few years.

That said not all my photographs have been taken that far from home, in fact I have enjoyed exploring some new locations much closer to home and have found a few more to explore in the new year. As I usually get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t spend some time by the sea I had few trips to Redcar and Cleveland. There are a number of wonderful locations on this diverse coastline from the monumental industry contrasting the sand dunes and fishing community at Paddy’s Hole to the seaside town of Saltburn which still boasts some of its wonderful Victorian architecture. This work can be found in the new England Portfolio which again pulls together lots of my recent work.

Well I think that’s all for now so I wish you all the best for 2014.

Merry Christmas