2017 – Latest Work… A return to film

Over the last few months I have somewhat abandoned my digital camera gear and have been shooting exclusively on film. I’m not a new convert to film having shot with it for as long as I have with digital however not nearly as much and this will be why most of the work you will see in my archives has been captured digitally.

So what has changed and prompted this move… it’s perhaps a little hard to explain and comes down to motivation and a lack of it at times. Digital cameras leave me feeling cold I find it hard to treat them as anything more than a tool however film cameras I see in a different light, they have a soul and a personality of their own. I find it enjoyable to shoot with them, yes the workflow is often more complicated and you don’t get that instant satisfaction that you have captured what you set out to do but it is this process that I feel increased my enjoyment. It is no longer just about the final picture but the journey and process that lead to it, I realise this doesn’t alter a viewers perception of a given photograph however at the end of the day as I have always said I take photos that I want to take and if others like them that is a plus.

Various cameras and film have been used to make these photos, the square ones were shot on either a Hasselblad 500CM or a Mamiya 6 rangefinder, there is a bit of 35mm thrown in and the panoramic images were shot on a Hasselblad Xpan or a Russian swing lens camera known as a Horizon S3. I’ve long been a fan of panoramic images and while quite a few appear in my archives some were cropped and others made with multiple images so it is nice to shoot and compose a single frame in this ratio.



Wet Plate Cameras

If you were looking for my wet plate cameras these can now be found on a dedicated website… http://vocecameras.com

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