Two Thirds

2007 – 2010


From my early childhood memories I have always had an emotional bond with the coast, since I started taking photographs six years ago much of my time has been spent photographing wonderful, diverse coastlines around the world.

From the neon saturated seaside resorts that during the winter months appear asleep almost hibernating until the tourists arrive once more, to isolated bays and coves where there may only be the slightest evidence of mans presence.

I feel drawn to the waters edge and the relationship between the soft natural elements and the contrasting cold hard man made lines and structures. Along many of the coastlines I have visited man has left its mark, whether trying to defend against the awesome power of the sea or to use it to our advantage for pleasure and commerce.

It is in this coastal landscape that I love to work, my aim is to create my own personal interpretation of this wonderful boundary between land and water. Working at the extremes of the day and using long exposure techniques allows me to create an dream like version of the truth, not always visible to the human eye.

The end result of this process leads to an almost timeless quality, clouds show movement and blur as they pass across the sky but water is captured flat and tranquil. Each photograph is a passage of time, recorded as a single two dimensional image, a document, a moment in space and time.