Venice is a truly intriguing place, rather than a solid land mass it is made up from one hundred and eighteen small islands all separated by canals but joint together by countless bridges. Almost mazelike the towering buildings surround you often with no view of the horizon it is easy to become disorientated, immersed in the Venetian backstreets and alleyways the true heart and soul of Venice.

I have wanted to visit Venice for some time now however when I finally made it there I was amazed how busy it was, granted it was the middle of the day and I was at the Rialto Bridge which is certainly one of the locations more popular with tourists. My ideas of photographing this architectural marvel started to wane, I tend to photograph empty places and while I wasn’t expecting Venice to be deserted I was not expecting this many people to be there out of season.

Not afraid of a challenge I resorted to a different rather unsociable approach to photograph this amazing city, while the vast majority of Venice was asleep I was wandering the streets with my camera. In the hours before sunrise Venice takes on a different persona, it is a quiet often tranquil metropolis. Just me, artificial lights and the shadows, the silence before the storm.

The same applies at the opposing end of the day, as the sun falls below the horizon and night draws in the streets start to empty and Venice once again returns to slumber. It was during these hours I chose to work, exploring the length and breadth of solitary Venice on foot was wonderful, this awe-inspiring man made environment deserted of human presence.

My photographs in this portfolio are the documents of what I found when wandering around this inspirational city during the extremes of the day, from the now deserted tourist hotspots to the quiet corners away from the normal thoroughfare… exposing the real Venice.